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Created on: Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Author: Dawn L. Williams, O.D., See Clearly Vision

See Clearly Vision is a group of eye care professionals that specializes in diseases of the cornea, cataracts, and laser vision correction. Our doctors are extensively trained and knowledgeable about the most up-to-date ophthalmologic surgical techniques, drug therapies, and contact lens options available. We take great pride in the patient care that we provide daily. We are also very proud to be associated with various educational institutions throughout the mid-Atlantic region, helping prepare medical students with interests in ophthalmology, optometry students, and ophthalmic technicians for their forthcoming careers. 
Not only are we proud to educate future eye care professionals, we are always very happy to educate the general public. There are numerous aspects to the eye and eye care, some of which can be quite unclear. To that end, Dr. Williams speaks at various events focused on eye care. Recently, she and Dr. Rajesh Rajpal, M.D. spoke to the Rotary Club of McLean about laser vision correction and cataracts. Additionally, Dr. Williams participates in Navy Federal Credit Union’s annual Health Fair where participants are screened for general eye issues. In the near future, she will be speaking to a group of employees with Freddie Mac about how hypertension and diabetes can affect vision. Her goal is to help shed light on many issues facing various people throughout the community. 
If your organization is interested in having Dr. Williams speak, please call the office at 703-827-5454.

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