Wear Eye Makeup Safely

Created on: Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Author: Christine Burris Wisecarver, O.D., See Clearly Vision

Hygiene and application techniques are important factors when wearing eye makeup. Follow the tips below to ensure your eyes stay healthy and beautiful.
  • Wash hands before handling your cosmetic bag or cosmetics to keep the cases free of germs.
  • Replace cosmetics frequently. Mascara and eyeliner should be replaced every 3 months at a minimum.
  • Wash brushes, applicators, and lash curlers often.
  • Never use a pencil for both eyes and lips.
  • Never share makeup. Ensure clinical hygiene is maintained when sampling makeup.
  • Never use water or saliva to thin clumpy mascara.
  • Apply makeup only to the external part of the eye (outside the lash line). Do not apply eye liner to the “water line”.
  • Never apply makeup to a red or irritated eye. If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours or you have pain, discharge, or light sensitivity, see your eye doctor.
  • Always replace eye makeup after an eye infection.
  • Remove eye makeup every night. Do NOT use waterproof formulations. Sterilid and Ocusoft Foaming Cleanser are OTC products well suited for cleaning the exterior part of the eye.
  • Patients can develop allergies at any point in time, even to a product they have used for years. If you have redness, itchiness, or flaking of the skin, discontinue makeup and see your eye doctor. They can treat the inflammation and help guide you on how to reintroduce products one at a time.  Add new products one at a time to monitor for allergenicity.
  • Never multi-task while applying makeup near the eye or tweezing, and never apply makeup in a moving vehicle. Corneal abrasions are painful and can lead to serious infections or corneal scarring.

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