Here Is Why You Should Consider Blade-Free LASIK

Do you wear glasses or contacts? If so, you may be wondering if there are better vision options available. For those that qualify, blade-free LASIK may be an option to reduce dependence on contact lenses and prescription eyewear.

Did you know that LASIK is the most popular elective medical procedure available in the world? Keep reading to learn why you should consider getting blade-free LASIK for yourself!

Let’s start with how LASIK works

For those that are considering LASIK, it can sound like it’s too good to be true. Visual freedom and saying goodbye to glasses and contacts for good sounds amazing! But what is LASIK, and how does it work?

LASIK, or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is called a lamellar eye surgery because it’s performed between the layers of corneal tissue. The basic premise of LASIK is that the procedure permanently reshapes the cornea and corrects refractive errors.

Illustrated diagram of the LASIK process

This means that if you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or suffer from astigmatism, these refractive errors can be corrected by LASIK. During LASIK surgery, the surgeon creates a small flap in the cornea. The flap is then lifted to allow access to the inner layers of the cornea.

Blade-free LASIK is exactly what it sounds like; there are no blades used. Instead, there are two lasers (excimer and femtosecond) that perform the reshaping of the cornea. By using lasers instead of blades, LASIK patients achieve more precise results and heal more quickly from the procedure.

Now that we know a little more about how LASIK works, we can talk about why it’s something you should consider to correct your vision!

You can finance your LASIK procedure to fit your budget

Photo of a woman putting change into a piggy bank

One of the main reasons people hold off on getting LASIK is that they are worried about the cost.

As an elective procedure, most insurance companies do not cover LASIK because it is not “medically necessary”. If the idea of paying for LASIK in full sounds impossible, have no fear!

See Clearly Vision offers financing for our LASIK patients. We offer a 6 month same as cash plan or longer term financing with minimal interest.

You can also look into financing through your local banking institution, or take advantage of an FSA or HSA if your employer offers them.

LASIK can save you money over time

 Young woman trying on glasses at eye doctor's office

Although it seems crazy, did you know that getting LASIK can actually save you money over time? Here’s how.

On average, most people spend about $500 every year on glasses, contacts, and accessories. $500 is just a base number, meaning that it’s likely you could be spending a lot more than that.

Think about how much you spend every month if you wear contact lenses. They get expensive very quickly! Even if you wear glasses, you’re still likely spending a lot.

Most people need to replace their glasses every two years. When you get new glasses, costs can get astronomical. You get anti-glare protection, you buy designer frames, or you decide you want to get a pair of prescription sunglasses to go along with your glasses.

A new pair of glasses with all the bells and whistles can set you back $500-$700 without even trying. Wouldn’t it be nice if you no longer had to worry about these expenses?

When you get LASIK, that’s exactly what happens for many patients! LASIK permanently reshapes the cornea and corrects refractive errors.

What would you do with an extra $500 every year?

If you have allergies, LASIK is better for your eyes

Woman suffering from allergies in field of flowers

We aren’t far away from cherry blossom season, but for allergy sufferers, it can be nothing but misery. Do watery eyes, stuffed up nose, and congestion sound familiar?

If you have allergies, wearing contact lenses during allergy season isn’t doing your eyes any favors. Pollen likes to grab onto any available surface, including your contact lenses. Touching your eyes to place and remove your contact lenses can result in pollen getting into your eyes.

This can increase irritation and frustrating symptoms as your eyes react to the irritant. Why not break the cycle?

LASIK can be a fantastic option for patients that suffer from allergies, because they no longer need to touch their eyes as often.

Some people with allergies worry that LASIK will make their allergies worse because dry eye is a common side effect after having LASIK. It’s important to keep in mind that dry eye after LASIK is only temporary and usually goes away after a short period of time.

If you are concerned about how your allergies could affect LASIK recovery, get the procedure well before allergy season. This will give you plenty of time to recover from the procedure.

LASIK makes life easier

Woman reclining happily on couch

If you’ve worn glasses and contacts your whole life, you already know that they can be extremely frustrating.

Working out with glasses on is terrible because the minute you start sweating, they begin sliding down your face. No one wants to be fiddling with their glasses while trying to get in the zone!

If you wear contact lenses, you run the risk of putting them in backwards or having one accidentally fall out.

Imagine waking up every morning with clear vision. Have you ever wished you could roll out of bed in the morning and have ten extra minutes? You could make this your new reality thanks to LASIK!

Like staying up late but hate having to remember to take out your contacts before you go to bed? No longer a problem after you get LASIK!

It sounds pretty nice, right? LASIK is an amazing, life-changing procedure because it makes so many things simpler for our patients. Sometimes it really is all about the little things!

Want to find out if LASIK could be right for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation at See Clearly Vision in Arlington or Tysons Corner now!

What have you got to lose except for your dependence on glasses and contacts?

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