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7 Signs of a Qualified LASIK Candidate


Have you dreamed of seeing without relying on your contacts or glasses? Have you considered achieving your dreams of incredible visual freedom with LASIK but are unsure if you’d qualify as a good candidate for the procedure?

The first step to starting your visual freedom journey is simple! All you have to do is schedule a commitment-free LASIK consultation and learn if you qualify for the life-changing vision correction procedure.

After all, millions have improved their vision and lives by having LASIK. What’s not to love about seeing with 20/20 vision or better, which is what most LASIK patients achieve after the procedure?

You may not be aware that there are a few factors you can determine on your own before your LASIK consultation. The only way to find out if you’re a good LASIK candidate and well-suited for the vision correction procedure is during a LASIK consultation. However, a few signs could indicate you’re a good candidate.

Wondering if you could be a good LASIK candidate? Keep reading to learn about 7 signs of a qualified LASIK candidate and if you could be one!

1.    You’re Over 18

A successful LASIK procedure begins with a stable prescription. For the procedure to be effective, your vision needs to stay steady and unchanged after having it.

LASIK works because it corrects refractive errors. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

LASIK only corrects current refractive errors, meaning if your prescription changes significantly after the procedure, you may need visual aids again. Before turning 18, your vision will likely change due to hormones and your body transforming and developing.

Your eyes are included in this. However, once you’re 18 or older, your vision is more likely to stabilize, making you a better potential LASIK candidate.

2.    Your Vision Is Stable

Even if you are over 18, your LASIK surgeon must ensure that your vision is stable and unlikely to change after LASIK. The best way to do this is to look at your prescription and see how much it’s changed in the past.

If it hasn’t changed in at least a year, it’s likely stable. Suitable LASIK candidates need a prescription that’s remained unchanged for at least a year or more to qualify for the vision correction procedure.

A stable prescription often indicates that you’ll qualify for the procedure.

3.    Your Vision is Within Acceptable Limits

Although LASIK is an incredible procedure that can correct your vision to an astounding degree, it has limits. If you get LASIK, your vision has to be within its treatment limits.

LASIK can correct up to -11.00 diopters of nearsightedness, +5.00 diopters of farsightedness, and 5.00 diopters of astigmatism. This range encapsulates most patients with a refractive error, but some fall outside it.

However, if you’re within the acceptable treatment limits, there’s an excellent chance that you’ll qualify for LASIK.

4.    You’re In Good Health

To undergo most elective procedures, including LASIK, you should not currently be pregnant or nursing. You also should be in good health.

Being in good health doesn’t have to mean perfect health, but it does mean you have to be able to heal and recover after any surgical procedures. If you have certain health problems like diabetes or an autoimmune condition, it can affect how well you can heal after something like LASIK.

You may still be able to have LASIK if you have certain conditions, but you’ll need to manage them and be cleared by your physician and LASIK surgeon before having LASIK. If you can’t have LASIK because of one of these conditions, you may be a better fit for an alternative procedure like PRK.

5.    Your Eyes Are Healthy

In addition to being in good health, you must ensure your eyes are healthy before getting LASIK. If you have any other eye condition besides a refractive error, it can interfere with the vision correction procedure.

This includes common conditions like dry eye. If you have a treatable condition, it must be thoroughly treated before you can have LASIK. If you have dry eyes, you may still be able to have LASIK after getting the condition under control first.

6.    Your Corneas are Thick Enough, and Your Pupils Are the Right Size

Your cornea needs to be thick enough to create a flap in the cornea to have LASIK. The flap created during LASIK is a crucial component of the LASIK procedure and is made from the top of the cornea.

You can only determine the thickness of your cornea during your LASIK consultation, as it’s measured to determine if you’re a LASIK candidate. Most people have thick enough corneas to undergo LASIK, but if your corneas are too thin, you can’t have LASIK. Having LASIK when your corneas are too thin can cause severe side effects and visual issues.

You also can’t have larger than normal pupils if you want LASIK. Having larger than normal pupils can negatively affect your night vision.

The size of your pupils is also measured during your LASIK consultation.

7.    You Have Realistic Expectations

Even if you meet every other physical qualification, you must have realistic expectations about LASIK surgery before getting it. LASIK is highly effective and low risk, but it’s not guaranteed to give you your desired results. 

There is always a risk of side effects and complications with any procedure. Make sure you talk to your LASIK surgeon and understand what to expect before having LASIK. Realistic expectations will make you feel comfortable with the procedure and love your improved vision.

If you have reasonable expectations and meet other requirements, there’s a good chance you’ll qualify as a candidate for LASIK. Are you ready to find out and take your visual journey to the next level?

Today, schedule your LASIK consultation at See Clearly Vision in McLean and Arlington, VA! Haven’t you waited long enough to see clearly?

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