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What You Really Need to Know About the Cost of LASIK


Are you considering LASIK? It’s a fantastic way to correct your vision and gain visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses.

It should also come as no surprise that it’s one of the most popular elective procedures in the world, with millions of satisfied patients. LASIK is a phenomenal vision correction alternative for almost anyone wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Most people who have LASIK consultations will also be good candidates for the procedure. You may be a good candidate if you’re at least 18, have stable vision that’s remained unchanged for a year or more, and have thick enough corneas.

But with that being said, is LASIK worth the cost? One of the things that can hold potential LASIK candidates back from the procedure is its cost.

However, a lot goes into what you get when you pay for LASIK. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK and what you really need to know about the cost that makes it well worth it!

LASIK is More Affordable Than You Think

How much LASIK will cost you is not set in stone. Instead, it varies and depends on what kind of LASIK procedure you undergo.

Not all LASIK procedures are created equal. Choosing a reputable eyecare practice like See Clearly Vision will ensure you receive a LASIK procedure that uses the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology.

Access to this kind of technology will affect the cost of LASIK and ensure you’ll receive the best results possible. See Clearly Vision offers financing options and accepts most major credit card payments. With financing, you can easily make LASIK fit your budget.

There’s no reason why your dreams of visual freedom should be out of reach because of something like cost. Most patients who choose financing pay off their procedure after only two years.

You also won’t have to worry about interest building up if your payments are made on time, ensuring that your LASIK procedure doesn’t cost more than the original price without financing.

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Use an FSA or HSA to Make LASIK More Affordable

Another way you can pay for LASIK is with an FSA or HSA. You may get an FSA through an employer or have an HSA separately. If you have one of these, you can use it to help pay for LASIK.

In the case of an FSA especially, it likely won’t cover the whole procedure, but it can significantly lower the overall cost. Using these accounts is a way of utilizing pre-taxed income on approved healthcare expenses.

LASIK is one of these because insurance won’t cover it as it’s an elective medical procedure. Having to pay even a little less out of pocket can go a long way to helping you make LASIK more affordable.

You can save on LASIK and pay for the procedure in more affordable bits and pieces in many ways. Beyond that, LASIK can give you so many benefits that you can’t put a price tag on.

LASIK Helps You Achieve Clear Vision

Clear vision is essential when using visual aids like glasses or contact lenses. But when you have LASIK, you want clear vision without boundaries.

Getting LASIK ensures that you can look forward to clear vision without visual aids. When you have LASIK, you can finally achieve visual freedom, meaning you no longer have to depend on glasses or contact lenses.

It’s not an accident that over 95% of LASIK patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after the procedure! After LASIK, patients report having better depth perception and even say that colors look brighter. With LASIK, you’ll see everything clearly without glasses or contacts to worry about.

With these kinds of results, it’s no wonder countless professional athletes have had LASIK to improve their game and take their skills to the next level. But if you want to get the most out of your vision, you don’t have to be an athlete to do it.

LASIK Gives You More Independence

Depending on visual aids can feel like you always have to leave the house with spare glasses or other accessories for your visual aids. LASIK can give you much-desired freedom from glasses and contact lenses, translating to more independence.

After getting LASIK, you won’t have to worry about losing a contact or breaking your glasses. You won’t have to face all the little irritations that come with visual aids, from foggy and smudged glasses to dry eyes from your contacts. Instead, you can see on your own, giving you total independence!

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LASIK Gives You More Time

Want more time for yourself? When you get LASIK, you can have it.

When you get LASIK, you’re not only saving energy from no longer needing to put up with visual aids, but you’ll also save time. How much time do you spend putting in and taking out your contact lenses?

What if you no longer had to deal with them at all? That could be your beautiful new reality, thanks to LASIK. Sure, it’s only a few minutes daily, but five to ten minutes in the morning and at night can add up to at least an hour a week.

After LASIK, you can get that time back. You can be more productive instead of fumbling around looking for your glasses or trying to put your contacts in before work.

Grab breakfast, ask your kids about their day, or cuddle with your dog to boost your serotonin. It’s up to you what you want to do with your time!

LASIK Increases Your Self-Confidence

If you can’t wear contact lenses, you may depend solely on glasses. However, these visual aids can feel like they stifle your style.

Getting LASIK allows you to open up your face, eliminating the need for lenses and frames. Stop hiding behind these visual aids.

Why not show off and feel great doing it? After LASIK, you can wear what you want. That may be sparkly new eyeshadow, bold brows, or non-prescription glasses. Many patients find that getting LASIK increases their self-confidence, helping them feel comfortable in their skin.

Whatever you choose, LASIK surgery will give you the confidence you need to do more with your appearance and life.

LASIK Saves You Money in the Long Run

LASIK is a permanent procedure, meaning you can look forward to many years of clearer vision. However, it won’t prevent age-related vision conditions like cataracts or presbyopia.

Getting LASIK means you can save money because you’ll no longer have to buy glasses, contact lenses, or the many accessories that accompany them. Can you imagine what you would buy if you no longer had to pay for these?

LASIK starts paying for itself in what feels like no time at all. Whether opening that bakery you always wanted to start, traveling to France, or treating yourself to the finer things in life, no longer purchasing visual aids will help!

After all, LASIK is not only affordable, it’s an investment. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in something as precious as your vision?

It’s time to stop waiting. Schedule your LASIK consultation at See Clearly Vision in Tysons Corner and Arlington, VA, today! Stop dreaming about better vision and make it a reality!

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