Cataract Surgery: A Patient`s Perspective | See Clearly Vision

Cataract Surgery: A Patient`s Perspective


Author: Christine Burris Wisecarver, O.D., See Clearly Vision

Many doctors would agree that treating friends and family can be particularly stressful. Expectations are more stringent; complications are unacceptable. Recently, Dr. Rajpal performed cataract surgery on one of our employees, and I took the opportunity to interview Marti on her experiences.

Dr. CBW: Marti, how did you know you had a cataract? What were your visual symptoms?

Marti: I knew I had a cataract when everything started to become very blurry. I was driving on a trip when I realized that my vision was so blurry, I was at risk driving.

Dr. CBW: You spend all of your work day in our administrative office. Describe your experience in the clinic as a patient.

Marti: My experiences in the clinic as a patient have always been very good. The clinical staff is very professional and kind.

Dr. CBW: Describe your experience at the surgery center.

Marti: I had a great experience at the Virginia Hospital Center Out-patient Surgery Center. The nurses were great. I received excellent care during my stay.

Dr. CBW: You chose to have an “upgraded” toric lens implanted. Did it correct your astigmatism? You also chose to have one eye corrected for near and the other eye corrected for far. In what situations do you need spectacles?

Marti: Dr. Rajpal and I chose the Toric lens for myself, which was spot on. Not only did it correct my astigmatism, but also rendered me contact and glasses free.

Dr. CBW: Marti, what would you say to a fellow baby boomer who is contemplating cataract surgery but nervous about the procedure?

Marti: I would tell my fellow baby boomers not to wait as long as I did. It is a very easy surgery with tremendous results.

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